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Tarun IAS Review UPSC Coaching Institute in Preet Vihar Delhi

Coaching Centres New Rules: Age restriction, fees, study hours, What parents and students should know

My personal opinion about Tarun IAS UPSC Coaching Institute, Preet Vihar, Delhi

Recent Update:  I  got call from person.  On other side person introduced him  as advocate hired by Tarun IAS. He asked me that they are planning to file defamation Fir (Whatsapp message). This act of an Advocate is against the ethics of bar counsel of India & Advocates Act

jo employee ka paisa kha jaate hai vo expose hone per defamation ki dhamki dete hai.

I worked as Digital Marketing Manager in Tarun IAS from 5 July 2023 to December 2023. Because I worked there, so I can tell almost everything about Tarun IAS.

Overall Rating : 1 Star

About Faculty

There is no permanent faculty in this institute. I never seen any faculty member in institute which they are showing on their website.

Advice for admission seeker: Always ask for faculty members

Tarun IAS try to hire freelance faculty.

Update: Now they removed faculty page from their website

Honesty/dishonesty of this Institute for employees/ Employees Salary

As per my experience, this institute is not honest. They play tricks on employees. They terminate employees any time. They terminated me and did not paid my salaries. My wife also worked for them. My and my wife’s payment  is pending.  Mr. Swarn (So called Manager) told me they will pay on 7-8 January 2024, but they did not paid. Later he blocked me. They are cheater.  One of ex employee approached to Labour Commissioner for getting salary from this cheater Institute.

I am also going to take legal action against this fraud institute.

Fake Branches/Offices/Pages shown on their website

  1. Chandigarh: Link of Tarun IAS Chandigarh Page   As I know there is no branch/office in Chandigharh of Tarun IAS. Its fake
  2. Arunachal Pardesh : Link of Tarun IAS Arunachal Pardesh Page  As I know there is no branch/office in Arunachal Pardesh of Tarun IAS. Its fake

Notice sent by me to Tarun IAS Institute by email


      Tarun IAS
      Tunir Subho Projects Pvt. Ltd.
       F-24, 2nd Flour, Zever Mahal Building
       Preet Vihar, Delhi – 110092
Dear Sir/Madam
I worked in your company as SEO Specialist/ Manager Digital Marketing  . As you terminated my services by sending me messages on my whatsapp no. on dated 1-1-2024 and did not paid my salary. You should have pay my salary before the expiry of the second working day from the day my employment is terminated. Because you did not pay my salary it shows Fraudulent or dishonest intent of Company. So I will file criminal case against you/your company under Indian Panel Code and will approach to police for 420 with me.
You are requested to pay my salary as per law. If you do not pay my salary within 15 days then I will take any legal action against you as per law.
1. File 420 FIR against you for Fraudulent or dishonest intent of Company for the Non-Payment
2. File a Case under Industrial Dispute Act
3. I can also file a criminal case against the company under Indian Penal Code for Section 447 of Companies Act, 2013 lays down punishment for fraud
4. summary suit or labor court

Their Channel Partners

They are trying to make channel partners.  I will update more related channel partners  soon.

Some Bad Reviews taken from their Google Map

Satyam Rai: Tarun ias is equal to waste of money. No any helps after admission or after fees payment.I am also trapped this net. Plz guys Its overall fraud. I have submitted 20,000 fees but course is poor quality. And When I go for refund then they are not return my money.

Hemant Baghel : waste of money, worst ever quality service … never trust faculty to complete syllabus……

Shivaraju : Free evaluation program is fake.. they don’t evaluate at all.

KALPANA DHAKAD: Alibaba 40 chor hai yaha ke log,waste of time and waste of money,

Deepshikha Chakraborty : Worst… Continuously disturbing kids by calling them again and again to purchase their course which is of no use. Please don’t waste your crucial money.

Kappu Rathore: wasted of time and money, bahut gathiya log h ye

Babita Singh: Not best UPSC institute

Sana Khan: Worst faculty Mr. S@#ty@M Mishra..worst teaching by Mr. S mishra..wastage of ₹28000 for OMSM Costing and FM

Radhika Mittal: Wastage of time and money

Archana kumari: Waste of time and money.

Kajal Raj: Shayari wale sir

Viveksingh Sengar: waste of time and waste of money

ashish mishra: Worst place, They don’t know how to speak.

Pulkita Sharma: Faculty is being wrongfully terminated by Mr. Swarn Singh. Would not recommend anyone to join the institute unless he’s removed from the management position

Rajat Jain: The recent decision to terminate faculty without prior notice and to hold their salaries of more than 5 months reflect institute’s poor management. The abrupt changes have left students in disarray. It showcases a lack of foresight and consideration, severely impacting the quality of education provided. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join this place.

Tanya Khatri: Under Swarn Singh’s corrupt and ineffective management Tarun IAS is no longer a safe space for both its students and faculty.

Janmejay Dash: Various conversations with IAS faculty who used to teach at Tarun IAS has led me to believe that unless and until Mr. Tanmoy Dutta removes manipulative and self-centered people like Mr. Swarn Singh from the institute, Tarun IAS cannot grow. Faculty members are treated badly by Mr. Swarn Singh, the so-called “COO” of Tarun IAS. He has deprived dedicated staff and faculty off their due salaries

Aakash Beniwal: Mr. Swarn Singh’s LinkedIn profile is a sham. His professional knowledge is non-existent and his personality reeks of utmost toxicity. By making tall claims about his “achievements”, he lures in potential employees and exploits them with false promises. When the staff doesn’t pander to his unreasonable demands, he connives with Mr. Tanmoy Dutta and makes him fire them.

Purvi Gupta: Tarun IAS “used” to be a good institute before due to its stable and dedicated faculty. However, due to recent changes in the leadership, with Mr. Swarn Singh acting as the institute’s COO, there has been a lot of political interference and haphazard management which is adversely affecting the institute’s growth. He has been laying off the existing faculty without any reason, mistreating the faculty and impeding the functioning of ardent professionals as well as student’s careers. Would not recommend any student to join the institute.

Rishabh Gopal: Terrible coaching center. Used to be good but in the last few months they have fired their entire batch of experienced teachers and replaced with new staff who don’t have the relevant knowledge. Waste of money and highly unethical for students who have enrolled based on past reputation of the teaching staff!

Sudarshan Raghuraman: Avoid completely. Too many changes in the faculties . Can’t see the good faculties there anymore who used to be there. Clearly they have messed up something at top level.

Komal Arora: What can you expect from an institute that keeps changing its staff & faculty every 3 months? Mr. Swarn Singh has intentionally destroyed the moral fabric and foundation of Tarun IAS through his narcissistic tendencies to serve his ill-meaning interests. Also, from being a nice and decent human being, Mr. Tanmoy Dutta has fallen prey to delusions of grandeur and selfish motives. The management is a complete mess and glaringly fraudulent. Students should be wary of joining such an institute.

Paras Arora:  Critical: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

Unfair Trade Practices

I will update soon.

Honesty/dishonesty of this Institute for students

I will update soon

About Their App on Google Play Store

I will update soon

About Their You Tube Channel

I will update soon.

Should you take admission in this institute

I will update soon.

Truth about student’s testimonials/reviews on their website

I will update soon

Reality- How many students cleared UPSC after taking coaching from Tarun IAS

I will update soon

Tarun IAS Review UPSC Coaching Institute in Preet Vihar Delhi

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