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Man lies about clearing UPSC to trick woman constable into marriage

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A man from Uttar Pradesh has come under scrutiny for deceiving a woman into marriage by falsely claiming to have cleared the UPSC civil services exam. According to a report from the Times of India, Vijay Singh, a native of Gonda, married a woman constable after falsely asserting that he had passed the UPSC 2023 mains and was awaiting the interview.

To bolster his falsehoods, Singh went as far as fabricating a newspaper article about his purported achievement. However, as his deceit was uncovered, he turned abusive towards his wife, both mentally and physically.

In an FIR filed by the woman constable, it’s stated that Vijay Singh, aged 22, misled her into marriage by portraying himself as a UPSC aspirant.

“Singh, originally from Gonda, allegedly enticed the constable into marriage through a tangled web of lies. He forged documents to persuade her of his alleged UPSC success, including concocting a counterfeit newspaper report proclaiming his accomplishment. Ensnared by his intricate deception, the constable consented to marry him in 2023,” explained DCP Central Zone, Raveena Tyagi.

Upon realizing Singh’s deception, the woman constable suffered his abuse, both mentally and physically. She lodged a complaint against him at Madeyganj on Wednesday, leading to Singh’s prompt apprehension.

Man lies about clearing UPSC to trick woman constable into marriage

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